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All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer Akos Major.


Sibylline TXT: Syracuse, designed and executed by the firm partners, began the sequence. This project dispersed an entertaining fictional story, situated in the same urban area as the installation, through 60 separate text messages, disperse through 26 urban cultural sites, over 30 days. The project is named for the Cumaean Sibyl at the Oracle of Cumae, seen in Virgil’s Aeneid. The Sibyl inhabits a cave with one hundred openings, and reveals her prophesies on a series of oak leaves within the cave. 

When a wind blows the oak leaves are scattered, thus re-sequencing the prophesy and creating potential through mis- and reinterpretation. In a similar fashion, this urban texting installation project collided fact and fiction in an interwoven network of real movement and engagement across the city. These modern oracular nodes of narrative, grafted on to physical spaces, compelled the public to explore the city while collecting the pieces of  the story in varying orders. (hired creative writer: Tony Antoniadis).

Images provided by French 2D. All rights reserved.