IN PROGRESS: Cohousing


French 2D is working with a 30-family, self-developing group to design a Cohousing community, at the northern edge of Metropolitan Boston.  Following the Cohousing ethos, each of the 30 units provide the amenities of a private home, while also creating a community around shared spaces and resources.  The urban site for this community takes principles of smaller living at all unit sizes - micro-studio through three bedroom -  to free up space and resources for the benefit of the larger group.  



The project has moved forward with a collaborative design process, including workshops, consensus building, and familiarizing the group with design decisions at every phase and scale of the project.  The design must address a myriad of concerns - from site access, environmental concerns, neighborhood perception, to the daily lives, chance meetings, and social vibrancy of its future residents.

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Construction 2019

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