BUILT: Batch Yard Garage

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All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer Akos Major.

Batch Yard Garage

Location: Everett, MA
Status: Permanent Screens installed December 2014

We were commissioned in Fall 2013 to create 25,000 square feet of screen images for the facade of a new 5 storey garage at the edge of downtown Boston. The Garage is situated within an arrangement of urban loft buildings in a formerly industrial complex. It needs to simultaneously act as object and backdrop for the various close range and far off perspectives.




Our studies included a range of associated and idiosyncratic references, operating at multiple scales. The challenge of this wrap, or overlay, lies in creating a surface that is two-dimensionally legible while also simulating volumetric complexity.

For a young firm ,the project presents the opportunity to design a large scale “building” as “drawing” and vice versa. Robin Evans’ Translations from Drawing to Building underpins the theoretical approach to these playful studies and challenges the normative notions of production in these one-off projects.


Images provided by French 2D. All rights reserved.