Moma ps1 young architects program

MoMA PS1 YAP challenges five finalists to design a summer installation providing, shade, seating and a water element for the summer Warm-Up music series and visitors to the courtyard of MoMA PS1. White Noise is an interactive sound environment (a collaboration with (Name Deleted)Acoustics) embedded in a playful series of figural abstractions clad with white synthetic turf and designed to provide shaded seating. The sound is sourced via telephone from visitors and passersby, and the tactile turf invites visitors to participate through touch, unleashing the altered sound input via sensors to control clarity and volume.

.Images provided by French 2D. All rights reserved.



The project’s white set pieces blur both depth and scale, creating an environment in which visitors feel like objects and subjects simultaneously, inhabiting a drawing or paper model. The project employs both community-based and material-based approaches to sustainability. The sustainable materials used in building White Noise will be fed back into the community as playground covering and materials for local artists (via bartering) or returned to their original use

Acoustic Consultants: Alban Bassuet, ARUP Acoustics, NYC amd Anne Guthrie, ARUP Acoustics, NYC. Structural Consultant: Patrick McCafferty, Associate Principal, ARUP Cambridge, MA. Graphic Design: Annabelle Pang, NYC (Logo and Swag). And Thanks to Caroline Woolard,