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Location: School of Education

                  Syracuse, University, Syracuse, NY


French 2D was one of three invited teams asked to submit a proposal for the creation of a new Lobby and Ramped Entrance to Huntington Hall, for the SU School of Education. The proposed design focuses on two themes: the School of Education’s efforts in creating increased access and attention to special needs and the desire for an open and increases presence on the public Marshall St. side of Huntington Hall.

The approach to the project recognized the transformative qualities of the School of Education in its mission and through its practice and echoed this through a design which negotiated the seven foot sectional shift between the lobby and ground plane. The lobby space spills out into the side walk, drawing the  exterior in while multiplying the interior out via a faceted reflective surface at the ceiling, producing an active  material and spatial resonance between community and university.


Renderings Emmet Truxes






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