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Location: Syracuse Stage and Syracuse University Drama Department, Syracuse NY


The renovation of the Syracuse Stage Black Box Theater returns the space to its roots as an experimental “laboratory.” French 2D creates a multi-configurable space in which all surfaces are made operable. The design provides ubiquitous surface attachments and a pattern of sound absorbing panels to create the equivalent of visual white noise, and inserts a loft for both accessibility and flexibility of use.


The project riffs on Palladio’s single focus of the Teatro Olimpico to expand the space of the entry stair and hallway through an invented process of multiple-perspective projection, an intentional misuse of Rhino as a tool for projected confusion rather than for three dimensional delineation. This experience initiates the audience into the world of imagined, extended dimensions (key to the construct of a black box theater) and provides identity for the sequence from the main lobby of the larger theater to this experimental space.  Construction begins June 2012.











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