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Architette, publication of 365 international "female architects excelling in the profession"


From the creators:

We are a not for profit cultural collective of 17 creatives, between 25 and 45 years of age, all driven by passion for a more inclusive vision in architecture.

In Italy there is a need for more female role models in architecture. Women need to be represented in panels, juries and in the media. Women architects need to be called by the correct gendered feminine of the Italian for architect: ARCHITETTA. These are the reason that brought about ARCHITETTE, a facebook platform promoting female architects excelling in the profession.

The biography of a women architect, complete with images of their projects and links to sources, has been published each day on Architette Facebook platform. The emphasis is on designers with a substantial CV, demonstrating the commitment and experience indispensable to reach a high quality and innovative level of design as well as social engagement.

We started in May 2017 to have our publication completed coinciding with the opening of the Biennale Architecture 2018, Venice.Today we are releasing online the full book, 12 months=365 bios

If you like our work, please do share it online. It will really help us. LIKE our FB Page, This book is a powerful tool to suggest female architects to Juries, Panels, academics, exhibition organisers and media....